Alsek River

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Appropriately called the river of glaciers. In over thirty years of wilderness guiding in British Columbia, the Yukon, and Canada’s north, no other location left me in awe as many times as the Tatshenshini and Alsek corridor. Every imaginable superior descriptive for wilderness travel applies. If ever an adventure deserved to be ranked at or near the top of your destination bucket-list, it is this one. Len Webster


NEW for 2022 – Our Alsek River guided rafting trip is one of the great rivers trips of the world. The Alsek River flows down through the heart of Kluane Park in Canada and runs through the largest protected parklands/biological preserves in the world. It crosses 4 major tectonic fault lines. It is part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site and travels along the edge of the largest nonpolar ice field in the world. There are endless superlatives describing the vastness and power of this river.

  • Grizzly bear, moose, eagle, salmon, a plethora of birdlife and wildflowers inhabit the area.
  • stretches of exciting, adrenaline surging rapids, excellently navigated by our accredited guides.
  • campsites each day with spectacular views of glacial mountains. 
  • camping at the incredibleness of Lake Lowell, where the Lowell Glacier meets the river.
  • floating on Lowell Lake among the huge icebergs calved from surrounding glaciers.
  • Camping at the base of Mt. Blackadar on the terminal moraine of Tweedsmuir Glacier.
  • the Alsek River, its wilderness and surrounding views, will place this adventure in the top five of your bucket list. 

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Tatshenshini River – Rafting Amidst Glaciers, Mountains, and Icebergs 


“I have never been on a trip on which each day just got better and better.  This has been on my bucket list for years, and I am so thrilled with my experience.  I left feeling truly satiated and satisfied with my trip (thrilled, really), and wanting to come back to the Yukon to do other routes! ” –  V.Markgraf, Oregon

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