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Lace up those boots and get moving to retrace the journey of the stampeders of the Klondike Gold Rush as you scale the Golden Stairs of the Chilkoot Trail Great Walks of the World

“It is impossible to give one an idea of the slowness with which things are moving. It takes a day to go four or five miles and back: It takes a dollar to do what ten cents would do at home.” Tappan Adey/Aug 1897. Such were some of the conditions on the Chilkoot trail that the Klondike gold rushers were prepared to accept for the promise of gold near Dawson City. You will follow in their footsteps, over an unchanged landscape of rainforest, alpine, and boreal forest. It kindles a sense of kinship and appreciation of their epic accomplishment.

mapchilkootOur Chilkoot Trail guided hike offers the hiker an opportunity to experience the challenge, anticipation, and danger which confronted the men and women of the Klondike Gold Rush of 1898 from Alaska to Dawson City, Yukon.

  • the trail is an outdoor museum, with discarded personal items, gravesites, abandoned towns, and other reminders of the journey to the goldfields in the Klondike.
  • experience changing ecosystems along the Chilkoot Trail from the temperate rainforest, subalpine, tundra, to boreal forest.
  • spectacular rainforest, snow-capped mountains, hanging glaciers, turquoise lakes, and cascading rivers highlight much of our guided Chilkoot Trail.

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    “Well, what can I say ā€“ I wanted to write and say thank you and how brilliant everything was, but words are now failing me! What an amazing time ā€“ from the Chilkoot Trail and the wonderful views at the top of the pass to the long walk down over the snow, the brilliant timing of the readings and poetry and did I mention how wonderful the food was? Well, it was!” ~ Mary Graham, UK

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