Nootka Island Dates

Departure: Nanaimo, Vancouver Island, British Columbia.  
Frequently Asked Questions: Most Asked
Difficulty: Moderate-Strenuous**
** Rating is subjective, as human/topographic variables can be many. Trips will have easy, moderate, and strenuous sections to it. Our rating emphasizes the overall nature of this trip.
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Before booking an adventure with us, visit and read the terms, cancellation, and other policies we have set for your participation on our trips.

2023 Cost
Spots Book Adventure
June 22-27   $2175 + Cdn+ 5% Tax 10 Deposit Only Full Payment
July 10-15  $2175 + Cdn+ 5% Tax 6 Deposit Only Full Payment
Aug 3-8  $2175 + Cdn+ 5% Tax 7 Deposit Only Full Payment
Aug 24-29  $2175 + Cdn+ 5% Tax 3 Deposit Only Full Payment
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