Tombstones Mountains

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“The name “Tombstone” is misleading here: this park doesn’t depict the end of the world, more like the beginning of time. It’s been left so wild, so pristine it’s an undeniable privilege to spend time here where for 8,000 years it was home only to First Nations people and wildlife.” Explore Magazine

Some 10,000 years ago, during the last Ice Age, humans migrated across a land bridge that existed between Asia and America. As you hike the Tombstones you are traveling the edge of an expanse of land called Beringia. The landscape you are viewing is the one that greeted these first humans, a landscape untouched by the Ice Age that covered most of North America, It was once the land of Wooly Mammoths and saber-tooth tigers. 

During our Tombstone Mountains guided hike, you will be struck by the jagged pinnacles of the Tombstone Mountains that have been shaped by wind, water, and glaciers. It stands in stark contrast to the surrounding sub-arctic/alpine tundra and boreal forest. It is a landscape that highlights a remarkably diverse and productive eco-system.

  • campsites in the midst of towering peaks, mountain lakes, impressive valleys.
  • helicopter flight into the heart of the Tombstone backcountry, and our first campsite. This gives our guests a unique view of this incredible landscape.
  • at the end of our hike, we will drive part of the world-famous Dempster Highway to nearby Dawson City for the night in a B&B. Dawson was the center of the 1898 Klondike Gold Rush

Chilkoot TrailFollowing in the Footsteps of the 1896 Klondike Gold Rushers

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“I just wanted to thank Sea to Sky and your guides for a terrific trip. I think situating your visit to the Tombstones in late August was right on. The autumn colours were so vivid and the opportunity to see the Northern Lights would not have been possible earlier in July or August. The helicopter flight into the area gave us a grand view of the mountains and tundra. Loved Dawson City!” ~ Mary, Frank, and Theodore Silverton, Halifax, NS

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