Why Select Us

Many years of guiding groups have resulted in wilderness adventures that will meet your expectations and make it a worry-free experience from planning to end. Many of our adventures are structured to accommodate beginners but satisfy all levels of experience. We welcome you to join one of our adventures! 

  • First and foremost, we appreciate your business.
  • We emphasize safety.
  • Our lead guides are experienced, certified in the activity they lead, excellent activity instructors, and possess Advanced Wilderness First Aid certification.
  • Our guides provide cultural, historical, and natural background during trips.
  • We provide nutritious, balanced meals. We also include daily snacks and beverages.
  • We can meet most dietary menu needs such as lactose intolerance, glutton-free, vegetarian, and allergic considerations.
  • Our guides do meal preparations and clean-up ( but always accept any help).
  • We adhere to no trace camping practices and respect a safe and non-threatening distance between our groups and wildlife.
  • In order to be licensed operators, we meet strict safety and environmental guidelines outlined by territorial, provincial, state, and federal park authorities.
  • We provide tents, stoves, water filters, rain/sun shelter, pots/pans, etc, major first aid supplies, satellite phone/marine radio.
  • On water-based trips, we provide, canoes, kayaks, rafts, paddles, waterproof bags, wet suits, safety equipment, life jackets. We do rent sleeping bags and sleeping pads at nominal rates.
  • Most park camping and permit fees are included in our pricing.
  • We forward comprehensive and informative background about equipment and clothing needs for your wilderness adventures in Canada.
  • Through our years of experience, we know that you will have questions as you prepare for your wilderness adventure; we respond promptly to your phone or email questions.
  • Some or our hikes our include food drops to reduce the weight carried by hikers.
  • Our canoe trips on the Yukon River to Dawson City and Tombstone hiking include accommodation in Dawson.
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