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Safety, environmental commitments and high operational standards are our pledges to guests.

What is so special about our adventure trips?
The simple answer is – you, and the others who join you. You’ll be part of a small group of very special people, of differing ages, educational levels, nationalities, religions, and ethnicity. You’ll come together as strangers and, more often than naught, leave with connections.

Shared wilderness travel fosters a unique and remarkable dynamic. It manifests itself in helping hands, campfires, raising a fist to the rain, good food, storytelling, conversation, facing fears, personal triumphs, sore muscles, and lots of laughter. It transplants us from our “all providing” environment to one where our baser instincts, skills, and human interactions measure the outcome. You will come away with important revelations of self, cooperation, and the human spirit. And, to no lesser degree, you will expand your appreciation of the wilderness and the need to protect our natural treasures. – Beth Dempster, Senior Guide, Sea to Sky